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Economic Development

The Sqéwqel Development Corporation was established with the primary goal to empower the people of Seabird Island and to ensure their economic independence.

Our objective is to pursue business, investment and economic development opportunities that will grow our Nation.


The Sqéwqel Development Corporation drives profitable businesses, generating new jobs and fostering economic growth for the benefit of Seabird Island members. Our efforts respect and uphold the esteemed Sto:lo culture, traditions, and values while creating valuable business opportunities.


The Sqéwqel Development Corporation champions individual, family, and community self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Seabird is actively restoring and empowering traditional skills and knowledge, enabling them to thrive independently in the modern era.


empowering seabird:
building prosperity, honoring tradition

We Take Pride in…

Our Services

From business development, investment, skill-building, and cultural preservation initiatives, our services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our Nation while honoring the rich traditions and values of our community.

Project Management

Coordination and oversight for successful project execution and delivery

Proposal Writing

Compelling and concise communication for securing project funding and support.

Business Plans

Strategic roadmap for successful business operations and growth


Inclusive collaboration for empowering and involving our community

" I am happy to see the difference SqDC is making in our community"
Community Member

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Meet The Team

Don Clarke

Director of Operations

Jon Espley-Jones

Director of Finance

Rose Charles

Gas Bar Manager

Carla Pretorius

Senior Communications and Engagement Coordinator

Brady Redden

Business Coordinator

Chantel Walker

Financial Officer

Bryon Mason

Financial Clerk

Karen Pitman

Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

Paul Andrew

Chairman & Portfolio Holder

Mike Achtem


Shaun Cormier


Marcie Peters


Sally Hope


We are always looking to grow our team and pursue new partnership opportunities.